Warriors for Wigs

It's that wonderful time of the year again for our Warriors for Wigs event! We are looking for selfless students who would like to do something beautiful for others. Warriors for Wigs will help answer that calling! Be on the lookout in the upcoming newsletter for more information regarding this amazing opportunity to help someone else during this exciting event taking place at SPS! 


I am excited to announce our very first VIRTUAL classroom! Please click the button below to access and to explore our classroom virtually. Here, you can explore resources, digital manipulatives, videos and more all through an interactive click of the mouse! 

Meet Our Wonderful Learners!

Soon to come...please feel free to send in pictures of your child's first day for me to share!


Upcoming Events
Happy Birthday!

The following students celebrate a birthday this month! 

Happy Birthday To:

Jonathan C. 



Alden S. 

February  26th! 

| Wednesday, February 17th

Ash Wednesday 

| Friday, February 26th

NO SCHOOL! Faculty Retreat. Enjoy your long weekend!

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